Thursday, March 15, 2012

Companies find applicants not having been taught the skills they need -- but what are they?

Tech Republic has an article by Nick Heath, “How to solve the Tech skills crisis? Make IT cool again”.  He specific addresses the problems companies in the UK are suddenly having in recruiting IT people, (website url) here.

I still think companies need to clarify what they really want, and what they think a career in IT "really" means.  The old mainframe market has fragmented into specific skillsets for older technologies that slowly die out.  No one can plan on serving these needs forever.  But employers and recruiters fail to come up with any sort of coherent strategy to

To “the kids”, IT refers to what they need.  It’s the support and infrastructure for the latest app.  It's what you need to do music composition at a professional level.  (Read: Skills with the world of Steve Jobs.)   We have a pretty good idea what kind of qualities you need for a career at Facebook or Google.  It’s what the older legacy companies need now that seems a mystery.   

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