Thursday, February 16, 2012

I just wanted to add a note about Microsoft's automatic update

I just wanted to add a note about Microsoft's automatic update, in both Windows 7 and Vista.  Most updates (those that affect the Registry) ask you to Restart, and go through "configuration" before shut down and then again before Windows is restarted.  Typically, Microsoft advises you on progress up to about 35% and then the configuration sits there until finished, giving the user no clue as to progress.

I have found that this process can hang if it starts itself (as when the machine is left on overnight).  It can hang if done when shutting off the machine.  It never fails if you run it while the machine is up and press Restart as directed.  I have particularly had problems on a Windows 7 Starter Toshiba notebook.

Updates to ".Net security" and to Windows Defender seem to take the longest, but oddly don't force restarts (although the next boot will take longer).

Apple, by comparison, gives the user a sliding graph of the progress of an operating system update (before restart).  I wish Microsoft would do the same.

I'll put a picture of it here when I have one, after the next update.

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