Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CNBC reports on long American workweek, short French work year

CNBC last night, in a re-aired broadcast, discussed the length of the American workweek, compared to that in France and other European countries.

Some companies, like Best Buy in Minnesota, have found that telecommuting and work-from-home tremendously increases productivity.

The show talked about job-sharing, and gave an example from New Hampshire where two men each worked 40 hour weeks and were paid 75% a full salary.

The report mentioned a court ruling saying that salaried or exempt employees may sometimes be entitled to extra compensation for overtime work done at home through electronics.  I’ll look at this more soon and report.
The show then went to France, and showed a Paris shuttered in August as tourists flooded in, sometimes unable to find shops and restaurants open.

French workers are more regimented during their 35 hour week and actually focus harder than American workers.  Some economists think that the French model is not sustainable, but many US companies are opening operations in France. 

The show mentioned Connie Meier and her book "Bonjour Paresse" ("Bonjour Laziness"). 

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