Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Certain sites seem to cause temporary cursor freeze in Windows 7

Sometimes, when I visit a new website for the first time since rebooting on my Windows 7 Dell XPS, the cursor freezes.  If I hit any key repeatedly, the cursor recovers in about thirty seconds and the machine operates normally (after sounding a few beeps).   It seems that certain sites (such as Suntrust, a bank, recently) start some kind of script (in any browser) that hogs the CPU until Windows 7 starts some other memory management service.

There are a lot of links on cursor freezeups online, and most are about device incompatibility.  This forum, on annoyances, may be useful. Look at Dave Homan's comment toward the bottom for a series of steps.

This 2009 computer had been converted from Vista (which had gotten too slow) at the beginning of 2011.  I think conversions do invite problems.

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