Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More technical employees will be encouraged to share public school teaching duties

Today I heard station WJLA report on efforts by computer companies, especially Microsoft, to place technical employees into volunteer or part-time teaching positions teaching computer science and possibly math in high and perhaps middle schools around the country. WJLA did not have the story online yet, but there is a similar story from Washington state here

A good question would be, whether the employees would eventually be required to get the clock hours for teacher certification.

Presumably these are eager students so the discipline problems I encountered as a sub a few years gao would not apply.

Technical employees will probably find they are approached to share teaching responsibilities more often in the future as part of an economic recovery plan.

Students will be learning to work with paperless textbooks, online with laptops or notebooks or possibly iPads in some school districts, such as Fairfax county VA.  

Microsoft's "Partners in Learning" page is here.

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