Thursday, January 05, 2012

Facebook seeks talented programmers with its January Hacker Cup

Remember the line from “The Social Network”, “let the hacking begin”.  Now, the Facebook Blog entry today, “Announcing Facebook’s 2012 Hacker Cup”, starts with “Hacking is core to how we build at Facebook”. The post goes on to explain its programming contest Jan. 20-23 in Palo Alto, CA, link here.   It sounds almost like a USCF chess tournament. 

Laurie Segal has a story on CNN Money, “Facebook seeks world champion hacker”, here

You can’t get quick and good enough at this without not just “curiosity” (as one coworker said back in the 1990s) as with dare-devilness.  What happened to all the plodding care involved in regressive testing, elevations, and on-call production support so familiar from the old mainframe world?

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