Thursday, January 26, 2012

Employers demand submission of online presence without traditional resume; does the employer "own" the associate's web presence?

The Wall Street Journal has a story indicating that some companies may be demanding a web presence, in fact that’s all they want, no resume.  They want “one identity” on the Web. (Isn’t that Facebook’s philosophy?  Anything else shows lack of “integrity”.

Rachel Emma Silveman has a story on the policy of Union Square Ventures, here

Applicants are asked to send a “web presence” such as identifying a Twitter account, or “Tumblr blog”?  They also want a video self-presentation.  (It helps to be cute.)  What about Facebook (and the Timeline)?  What about Blogger?  What about Wordpress?

I guess the old text-based format (Web 1.0) of wouldn’t make a good impression.

But some employers are starting to act like they want to own the associate’s web presence.

The company says that venture capital firms rely heavily on associates’ use of their own social media.  See related story Jan. 23. 

This is beginning to sound more like a world in which the character "Nolan" from ABC's "Revenge" does very well. 

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