Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Adventures with the newer iMovie

Something weird happens when I connect a new Sony Handycam with movies in memory to the MacBook in iMovie.

Actually, in Finder, after the USB connection (to memory), I can find the directories but not the .mov elements.

If I go to "Import" and try to go to "other", it never finds the movies.  If I go to "Import from Camera" before doing the USB connection, I get invited to record myself through the webcam, and to then connect the external camera.  But then it works, and finds and IMPORTS all the movie clips (as .mov) from wherever you point for your "Event".

Finder "File" function doesn't "eject" either.  I don't understand why the Mac Finder doesn't work with the Sony Handycam (HDR CX550V) in a straightforward way. Sony documents only the Windows PMB (Picture Motion Browser) interface, which is complicated.

Final Cut Express, by the way, always asks for a Firewire interface, which I don't have. It doesn't seem to be able to import movies on my MacBook by USB, but can open and manipulate the iMovie elements, showing them as individual editable frames.

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