Monday, December 12, 2011

No, the Mac is not perfect. Some little glitches appear

Well, Apple is not perfect. In the past few days, I’ve had a few little glitches on my MacBook, which I am using to go through Logic right now, and on which I plan to load Sibelius soon and get my own music encoded. 

Once, when I booted up, the touchpad cursor wouldn’t move. It stayed frozen in the upper left corner.  I powered it off (the button) and hard-rebooted and it then worked.  

The evidence online is that the problem could have something to do with the fact that the touchpad is located right over the battery. 

And here’s another link discussing problems like this. 

I also had a problem with the pulsating circle when I was browsing with Safari. I was on a National Geographic site, getting ready for the show on big cats.  Safari seemed to hang.  Some applications (like iMovie) still worked.  But when I went to shut down from Finder, the circle still pulsated even while tryiny to shut down.  I had to use the silver power button.  Upon restart, everything was normal.  All I could find online was a discussion of hanging on Safari blacklisted sites.  NatGeo should be OK, but there could be a glitch. 

 Here’s a writeup.

Both problems occurred when I was running off battery power. I have not yet had a problem like this with the power cord connected and charging.

I have had some similar problems with my 2002 iMac.  When a DVD gets stuck because of a scratch, the system loops and I have to turn it off and restart it to eject the DVD.  That's very annoying on a rented DVD that forces you to watch all the previews again.  I also had a lot of trouble burning DVD's with it from iMovie -- it would get stuck.  I finally took a digital tape to a studio and had a DVD made, and now find its easier to let CVS process my DVD's (from film stock) than to make them myself -- not too expensive (about $50 for 30 minutes). 

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