Thursday, November 17, 2011

Windows 7 on a Notebook -- weird behavior on the road

Weird stuff happens in the field. My little W7 Toshiba notebook gets caught in a loop being booted, with the circle on a dark screen.  On forced restart, it tells you it didn't close normally, then gets caught in a restart loop.  It doesn't present the log on option. Finally, I hit a circle one more time and it books up normally (I turned off the MiFi first, and then back on).

Once in a while, if you try the notification icons after book up before completely ready, it goes get stuck and loops. Don't know why.  I suspect it's specific to Toshiba and I have to get a fix specifically from Toshiba, not Microsoft.

Also, if you let it do updates during the shutdown, it can get stuck. Eventually, you can get it to boot up if you try a few times, and finish the update manually with the machine up, and then everything works. 

It' s beginning to look as thought the Mac world is simpler and more reliable.  With this little computer, there are just too many interruptions with little updates all the time.  And they can break.  Maybe the grass just looks greener across the street (which isn't always the other side).

I was driving around a dam with a big power plant, don't know if electric fields nearby could affect a laptop. Didn't think so.  But it is working now, again!

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