Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Facebook is hiring! Mark Zuckerberg visits Harvard

I have to chuckle (or maybe cackle) at this story on MSNBC.

Mark Zuckerberg, who dropped out of Harvard at 19 in the spring of 2004 to form Facebook, traveled to Cambridge yesterday to recruit there.  Here’s the story. Zuckeberg, now 27 (the biological peak), was in his usual informal jumper and jeans.  He does look “cute”.

Here’s Facebook’s Careers page.    It greeted me with “Hi, John: Facebook is Hiring”.  Some of the areas are Software Engineering, IT and Security, Sales and Business Development, Online Operations. There are links for interns (a dubious concept with me), and new Grads (Masters and PhD’s).

I lost the edge on coding back around 1999 when I think I fumbled the transition from mainframe. You have to actually code a lot of OOP (java, C#, whatever) to learn it, so you need to get in on a development project from the beginning.  (The Time article showed Zuckberberg coding on a Macbook laptop in a Palo Alto CA bar.)

The biggest area of strategy for Facebook is the way it has replaced self-publication with social networking as a primary “purpose” for being online – a concept with enormous legal and social significance.
In the meantime, let Zuckerberg develop his benevolent “timocracy”, which gives him (not Obama or any GOP candidate) the ability to rule the world.   (That’s a good new word for political science, isn’t it; after all, our partisan democracy can't get things done, so it might as well cede power to an extraterrestrial.)

In this Charlie Rose interview, Zuckerberg discusses competition with Google and Amazon, but he says what they do is different. His sister says Facebook is just about the social connection; Facebook isn't where you watch movies or read books and online newspapers (like this blog). 

Picture: no connection to Facebook, but it looks great at night on Washington's Lafayette Square.  

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