Monday, October 10, 2011

The real reason my "mainframe" IT career faltered

As I ponder my new directions at age 68, I still sometimes wonder, what brought my old “IT career” to cardiac arrest on Dec. 13, 2001?

I think one big factor is what happened for about six years two decades before.  When I left Bradford National in NYC at the end of 1978 and went to work for a BCBS consortium (called CABCO) in Dallas, on a new “combined Medicare Project”, I wound up spending until 1985 until I implemented anything into production again (and that was at another company, Chilton Credit Reporting).  I had become a “systems analyst” who had to depend on others (“programmers”) to do the dirty work.  It would wind up that those "others" could be located in India, maybe China today.  The US Economy needs to be able to do some of its own work!

I’d spend 16 more years hands-on, though, until the Crash of December 2001, the so-called Fourth Floor Massacre.

Of course, now, as I contemplate how to get a movie made, I have to kick myself upstairs and prepare to be able to manage the work of others, again.  All that “project management” ought to put me in good stead.
I realize that I need to decide what to do about my Dice resume, and that matter will be addressed soon.

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