Monday, October 24, 2011

Misadventures with an ink jet cartridge refill (HP) -- not in a perambulator

For what it’s worth – don’t buy ink refill jars for inkjet printers.  That’s what I found on the web for the HP61 inkjet printer.  You get these three black squeeze bottles with squirt pipettes that look like they would go with ecstasy .  You peel off a tight label on top of the cartridge and squirt the thick ink (as if from a squid as escape camaflouge) into one of a number of holes, and it’s supposed to saturate the sponge.

Don’t believe it.  It didn’t work. The second time I tried to print a page with only black ink, HP finally, through Windows 7 and IE, linked to its correct site for replacing ink cartridges, only $14 for a replacement.  I don’t know why the link didn’t come up the first time – is it something that had worked in Vista only before?  Would it work OK on the Mac?  Why didn't the correct HP repurchase link come up on Google, Bing, or Amazon the first time? (as in the Sirius XM song!)

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