Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The life and legacy of Steve Jobs: Imagine the world without the Apple

A friend tweeted tonight, “Thought experiment: Imagine life without any Apple products”.  Indeed, one realizes "It's a wonderful life." 

Indeed, I “came of age” in the mainframe world (Univac 1100 before IBM), then learned the PC (TRS-80 before the Microsoft world), and have been slow to get to the MacBook, which I bought in March. I did buy an iMac in 2002, from a waiting list, and used iMovie with a passion on it for about a year.  I still do most of my heavy work in the Windows world now (that’s where I’m typing this posting).

Think back to the late 90s, when the dot-com boom was swelling into a bubble. In the 2000 decade, the big survivors would be companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple, which among all these stands out as maybe the most innovative just in terms of pure end user convenience.  I may well wind up doing most of my future work on my MacBook.

Apple and Steve Jobs kept his medical situation as quiet as possible.  In medical terms, pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly and inexorable of all malignancies, and he survived it for at least seven years. 

Here is Stanford’s video of Mr. Jobs’s  commencement address at Stanford in 2008.

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