Saturday, October 01, 2011

Job interviewers really might ask if you "believe" in UFO's

Here’s a funny piece from “Career Builder”, run on MSN, as to how to answer trick questions (or maybe overly personal questions) about your own beliefs on job interviews.

The leadoff batter here is, “Do you believe in UFO’s”?   To sum up the advice: be equivocal.

Who would ask such a question?  Maybe Facebook, if it was planning to set up its service in another solar system (and had gotten around the speed of light problem, like neutrinos). How about "Do you get spam from other planets?"

A couple of other “personal” questions: “Are you a pencil or a pen?” (or word processing program?)  Or, “Can you drive in bad weather?”  How about, “Can you take cell phone calls when driving?”

Here is the link.

One other thing: On his giggly “Ridiculist”, Anderson Cooper made fun of interns who expect to be paid (very much). That’s in stark contrast to the view of the issue presented in a book on interning by Ross Perlin (“Intern Nation”) reviewed on my books blog June 8, 2011. 

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