Monday, September 19, 2011

Your email address may indeed affect your professional "online reputation"

Tech Republic has a piece on choosing a professional email address.  In sum, you should have your own domain based on your domain or business  identity, and use that address.  The comment particularly applies to people seeking independent IT consulting jobs, and probably people seeking assignments through staffing firms, the W-2 market.

This also sounds as though it’s not a good idea to use AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, gmail, etc. on resumes. 

The Tech Republic article is here.

It looks to another blog that talks about typical mistakes in email addresses, here

Now, I used my AOL address in the early 2000’s, and it might have seemed lazy. It’s hard to say that it hurt me. But in today’s world of “online reputation”, it sounds like if you want to work as a techie, you have to act like one online, and that includes email address. 

Do Facebook employees have public email addresses at Facebook? Does Google use gmail for its employees? 

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