Sunday, August 28, 2011

Job interview questions on "niceness" and "passion"; and "The Big Give" of bonuses

Adam Bryant has an interesting column on p 2 Business Day of the Aug. 28 New York Times, “A deal-breaker question for job interviews”, about Andy Lansing, CEO of Chicago-based Levy Restaurants.

One of the questions is “Are you nice?”  The article gives a nice spin on the property of niceness, as if it were an attribute of a quark.

Then, “what are you passionate about in your life?”  That’s a good one. If it’s coding, or composing music, or writing novels, or journaling and blogging, you may not like a job predicating on tracking down, “taking care of” and selling to individual clients, even if you have a lot of the technical background (say in insurance) required.

The article is here

I can remember a similar question from ARCO back in 1983, "what are your goals?"

The Washington Post, on p G2, Jena McGregor has an article “Bonuses for others tied to happiness, report finds.”  A paper from Harvard, University of British Columbia and Liege examined “The Big Give” (Oprah’s) in job bonuses, the incentive of a bonus that must be spent on charity or for others, link here.  Are people motivated best by bonuses they can spend on themselves? Maybe not.  


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