Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I keep getting calls for opportunities to hucksterize, for insurance companies

Last night I got an automated cell phone call from what sounded like an insurance company (was it Vanguard) to become some sort of agent. It was annoying, and maybe it was a scam, maybe not. But it highlights my concern that so many of the “jobs” around seem to comprise going out an “bothering people” to buy things, trying now to use social media to build up “referrals”.  And many of them would probably pay just commissions, although some people can do well on commissions only (in the life business, there are renewal commissions, too).

No, I don’t like the idea of have to go out and sell someone else’s agenda for a living. I wrote about that yesterday on my main blog.

Why should a family depend on "me", someone who was so non-competitive socially and physically in conventional terms earlier on life, to "take care" of some of their personal matters?  Why should I be in someone's home trying to "sell" the ability to do so?

It seems that the unemployment crisis is dragging us back into hucksterism and tribalistic behavior. But societies have always needed people to take care of others and sell the idea that they can.
What about becoming a “financial planner”?  Although financial planners make it easier to execute trades, it doesn’t seem like they know more about what his happening than the alert “amateur” home customer.
The old idea of using social hierarchy in the workplace, especially in the sales area, has unraveled, but it keeps trying to come back.

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