Monday, August 29, 2011

For me, an "announcement" and a career "correction"

I do have something to “announce” tonight.

Today, I did resign from an intermittent, part-time job which involved interviewing people to gather statistical data, about employment. Because of a confidentiality agreement,  I may  speak only in generality about the experience, from which I learned a lot during the past eight months.

One reason was to focus more on my “journalism”, music and filmmaking plans. I do need “full time focus” on my dreams at age 68.   Another is that, given my own goals, I don’t think that contacting individuals for someone else’s goals (essentially by phone or “door-to-door’) is appropriate activity in my circumstances.  I hinted at this in my previous posting  Wednesday.  Yet, there is a question of karma. “Somebody has to do it.”  By nature, this kind of work is proportionally riskier in a part-time situation than in a committed, full-time career environment.

I am left with one strong impression.  To do well consistently in our kind of market, you have to be good both with people skills and with manipulating content, and with abstraction. You have to get into the game and be good at it. And it’s more than playing chess, or piano.

I'll have more details about my "direction", and what I will do about my presence on sites like Dice, soon. 

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