Saturday, August 13, 2011

The era of the PC is over?

Jason Hiner has a provocative Tech Republic article about the “end of the PC era”, link here. Mark Dean, who helped design the original IBM PC around 1981 (built around PC-DOS and then MS-DOS) says that the emphasis in computing has changed, from a workstation or box where content is created and consumed, to the social spaces where people interact.  That does sound a lot like a plug for the way social networking sites work – but even more, it means an emphasis on smaller, more mobile devices. His ideas apply as much to the Mac world as the PC.

That may commensurate with Blogger’s recent effort to encourage bloggers to offer a mobile-friendly version of all their blogs.

Perhaps this is a slam on authorship itself: where an author or composer sits at his instruments and computers and creates works for batch-style consumption. Dean admits that the newer tablet devices are more apt for those who work with people rather than content (including coding, testing and implementing applications and systems). 

I could backtrack his arguments even further, to the early 70s, when my career started, to the days of submitting card decks for once-a-day shots. 

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