Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On a weekend trip, I visit old haunts (when I worked for Univac, in 1973)

On a trip this weekend, I passed through my own haunts from 1973 or so along Bloomfield Ave. in northern New Jersey, on a beautiful summer day after torrential rains.

In the town on Montclair, I found the “side street” Claremont Ave, and the old three-story building where I went to work for Sperry Univac as a “systems analyst” for the Montclair branch in September 1972.  I would actually spend most of the first six months at Public Service in downtown Newark as a “site rep” for Fortran!  Then I would work on the 1110 benchmark.  In those days, Univac was credible competition for IBM with JCL (Exec 8) with a simpler syntax, a bit like today’s Linux. COBOL would eventually be ASCII, not EBCDIC as with IBM.

Univac rented the second and third floors of 205 Claremont Ave, which is now a municipal building for Montclair.  The SA’s and branch management had offices and cubicles on the second floor, and on the third floor they actually had a sales force selling keypunch equipment back then!  Montclair was a beautiful place in October.

Two towns and four miles west on Bloomfield Ave and on top the next “mountain” at about  800 feet elevation, I lived in the town of Caldwell, on Espy road, which spins off just as the hill slopes down to the west and approaches US 46 (West Caldwell first).  My old garden apartment building was still there.

 Bonus picture: Grover Cleveland birthplace, Caldwell. 

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