Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keep your backup travel notebooks in use all the time, if you need to depend on them when playing on the road

Here’s a quirky problem. My little Windows 7 Starter Toshiba notebook-laptop hands after I enter the admin password on the “please wait” screen.  I cut off power, re-power, say yes to normal restart, and it finishes immediately (after asking for the admin pw one more time).  It’s true that I hadn’t used it in about a week.  There will be beaucoup updates, although it did load W7 Service Pack 1 last week.  The computer had done several other small updates after SP1 and reconfigured normally. But this morning it still tells me that it installed updates the last time, when it wasn’t the last time?

Anyone else seen this kind of “behavior”?

Moral of the story. If you have a travel computer and its Windows anything, use it frequently, even when you are home. Too many updates at once confuses it. 

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