Saturday, July 09, 2011

A job fair on another planet

In a dream, I went to a jobs fair on an M-Star planet, like that depicted in AMC Theater's trademark ad of an outdoor theater with a view of an extraterrestrial city.

The career that everyone dangled in my eyes was "legacy financial planner".  Then another guy tries to get me to become a busboy on a local Hilton Hotel on the planet.

It's as if people could chose to go back in time and live in times when you could count on social security.

I guess if a habitable planet always face the same side of its Sun, its economy would be affected. I doubt it would have "legacy systems" with nightly cycles written in COBOL.

I wonder, maybe in fifty years, people who can't find work will become settlers on Mars.

Update: 7/11: 

More team building at work: a dream about a bicycle race inside the Metro tunnels, riding on the rail guard.  Wind resistance protections mandatory. The lesson of team building sessions at work: "You don't worry about what you can't do anything about."  I remember a jam session like this at work in 1998.  And so last night's weird dream.  You never retire.

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