Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Use of employee-owned devices increase business security risk

On May 31, Bryan Acohido of USA Today offered an important story on the workplace security issues posed by the use of employee-owned smart phones and sometimes laptops or other devices, especially during business travel, long commutes or long hours, “Mobile devices pose a big risk for security; New gear outpaces company safeguards,” link here

One of the biggest risks simply comes from the possibility of the physical loss or theft of an employee-owned phone containing privileged stakeholder data or PII (even simply phone numbers that were called or received).

As noted before, travel presents a problem when the employee must carry a business laptop in air travel, even though the TSA will allow two laptops. Business could consider developing business travel laptops with multiple logon capabilities, one of which could be intended for personal use during travel. It’s possible, after all, to have multiple operating systems (both Linux and Windows) on the same PC.

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