Friday, June 24, 2011

Misadventures with automated Microsoft updates on a little travel notebook


Thursday, with my Toshiba notebook with Windows 7 starter, I experienced my own adventures in a perambulator, or misadventures, to say the least.  The system immediately tried to do Microsoft update downloads, Kaspersky data files, and Adobe acrobat reader, simultaneously, three at a time. True, it had elapsed several days since I had booted up this little Notebook, since the Digital Media Conference Friday; it’s mainly a travel machine.  It never has any problems with hotel WiFi or cable (when available) connections.

The MIFI  Verizon Internet connection shut down, but when I switched to the faster Comcast, it did finish the Adobe and Kaspersky. Adobe demanded that I restart.  I did so, using its icon. Soon I saw that the machine was in update 12 of 16 from Microsoft.

In fact, Update 13 took almost 50 minutes.  I thought the machine was looping. But you couldn’t even power if off. It finally got to Update 14 and finished and configured properly.

The restart actually worked, but then the next cold start hung and the machine froze.  Then another restart worked, but this time it demanded to load six more updates. Those took another hour. Maybe this was to fix the hang caused by an earlier update, but this time the machine didn’t have to reconfigure anything.

I haven’t tried the little beast today. I’d better, or maybe I’d better not.

Update: June 28

Twice on the small laptop it's hung when reconfiguring updates while rebooting, and if I power it off, power it back on, it pick up where it left off and finishes.  That isn't what other users report, here.

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