Thursday, June 16, 2011

HR world ponders "corporate liable" v. "individual liable" mobile and auto assets

E-week has an interesting article on the debate about the pros and cons of using corporate-liable vs. employee-liable mobile assets (cell phones, smart phones, maybe iPads, maybe even notebooks).
The link is here.

We’ve covered this before somewhat. One of the biggest concerns here is that the employee may have corporate data and client PII (phone numbers and email addresses at least) on the phones, which could be lost or even stolen by force as by mugging.

Another concern could come with employee minutes use.

Similarly, if a job requires use of the employee’s car, there could occur issues with increase insurance premiums (business use) to the employee, or even mileage limitations (with leases or conceivably in the future with rationing). (Inverse problems occur with company cars with charges for personal use.)

But the old idea of separate business and personal use is becoming just that – old.  The same holds with “online reputation” and social media use.  Clients could be concerned with what they find out about a contractor from personal social media. And Facebook has this idea, “you have but one identity”.  No wonder “don’t ask don’t tell” fell on its sword. 

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