Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dying industries: sales, and computer operations as well as middle management (AOL story)

Lydia Dishman has a rather startling article on AOL from Career Builder, “Five Dying Industries: Ways to Get Out and Move On”, link (website url) here.

Everyone knows about manufacturing drops, but some of the others are startling. Sales, for example. But the cultural changes toward privacy  (“do not call” laws and now maybe “do not track”)and more self-sufficiency weigh against phone and door-to-door hucksterism.  It might get harder, for example, to make it as an insurance agent, too.

Weakening is computer operations and probably network maintenance, even if software engineering, in conjunction with specifics in areas like health care, security, and social networking grows.  (Although it would sound as if it takes people to maintain server farms and very complex operations 24x7; imagine
“life after people” with no Internet either.)

The flattening of corporations and increasing of span of control would not bode well for midlist managers, any more than it does for midlist authors in publishing.

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