Monday, May 23, 2011

More employers use social media for job postings; more people have to use social media for professional purposes only

NBC Washington reported Sunday night that employers are rapidly turning to social media to post their jobs. In one survey, 95% used Linked In, 57% used Facebook, and 42% used Twitter.  (Ashton Kutcher often posts openings in his own company, Katalyst, on Twitter.)  (See also May 11 posting.)

The pressure increases on many job seekers to use social media for “professional purposes” rather than their own person motives.  Social media are certainly starting to enforce a “one identity” policy on individuals, even older individuals who may have wanted to stay private.  (At one point, as I have written, I had envisioned that some sorts of jobs would have required me simply to be off the web for my own political expression, but that was in the old Web 1.0 environment.)  All the sudden, multiple identities, pseudonyms, and anonymity are coming to be viewed as evidence of lack of “integrity” in our new culture. Do ask, do tell. 

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