Monday, April 25, 2011

Primerica hires beaucoup agents and wants states to make the licensure test easier

Leslie Schism has an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal Monday April 25, front page in print, “Insurer pushes to weaken license test”, about Primerica, which has an unusual business model. It hires a large number of agents but has lower qualifications, and many fail the state licensure tests.

The print version of the story has some sample test questions, which resemble those of LOMA exams. The online version (paywall subscription required) is here.

Until 2010, Primerica was owned by Citigroup, but there seems to have been a change (Primerica story here).

I reported my own interview with them in Minnesota here on July 26, 2010 (the "we give you the words" spiel). 

Primerica has certainly come under criticism online, as with this blog ("Something I learned today") story

Primerica should not be confused with Primevest, in St. Cloud, MN, belonging to Cetera. It was a subsidiary of ReliaStar in the late 1990s, before ReliaStar was acquired by ING.  Here is the Primevest link.

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