Wednesday, April 06, 2011

McDonald's franchises to add 50000 "real jobs" on April-teenth

As I stopped at a McDonald’s off I-95 at Thornburg, VA (north of Richmond, south of Fredericksburg) today, I saw the sign for their national hiring day April 19  (link), and I thought I even overheard an interview as I walked to the counter.

It’s been said that McDonald’s (or any fast food company) is a test of whether “you can work” at all. It’s a “real job” (which “data processing” is apparently not). 

Remember how Barbara Ehrenreich wrote a book “Nickel and Dimed” about how she paid her dues with minimum wage jobs.

“Big Mac” could mean McDonald’s, or it could mean the special bonds sold during the 1975 fiscal crisis for New York City. 

Second picture: after getting sidetracked to Route 1 by an I-95 wreck, I saw this "Great Pyramid" under construction near Woodbridge, VA.  It takes real labor to rebuild The Pyramids.  Ask the Maya. 

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