Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Should IT workers change out for "real jobs"?

Here’s an interesting missive by Jack Wallin, “10 alternative careers for burned out IT workers”, on Tech Republic, link here.

I remember a manager “Donna”  in the early 1980s at Chilton in Dallas who used to joke that we should take breaks from “data processing” and go out and get “real jobs”.  She used to say that fast food work, which is very regimented, is a "real job".  Sounds like something from Mao's "Cultural Revolution"! I rather gawked at the auto repair and farming. I once (1981)wrote a short story with this issue (“Expedition”) where the alternate was “carpentry”.  But the writing and teaching are interesting.  The teaching has a subtle trap: you have to connect with non-intact kids and be able to discipline them, just because you are in charge.

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