Friday, February 25, 2011

AOL: employers condescend to every visual stereotype in making hiring decisions

AOL Jobs has a provocative column “Are you built to make big bucks?”, which greeted AOL subscribers yesterday.

The article maintains that employers, in practice, are falling for all the visual stereotypes for what makes a “desirable” hire.

Tall men are preferred to short men. (Although they forget that Mark Zuckerberg is about 5 feet 8 inches. ) 

Genetic male-pattern baldness is out (get a toupee, or if your hairline recedes, use Rogaine).  But if you’re over 40, according to Malloy’s “Dress for Success” book, a little gray is a good thing (don’t look too much like Tom Cruise).  Being married is in (and the comment in the AOL article strains to be offensive). For women, makeup is essential. 

I didn't see anything about men wearing socks with garters. 

Getting hired is becoming a test of social conformity (not to mention how your Facebook page must look), for employers who can ditch you at will anyway. What happened to determining your own course in life?

Here’s the link.  I hope it’s tongue in cheek.

While we’re at it, look at the notorious “1872 Rules for Teachers” here

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