Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Windows 7 Notification Icons: why does it show my computer to be disconnected when Wireless Internet is working and I am using it?

The “reduced functionality” of Notification Area Icons on the lower right side, of the Status Bar, in Windows 7, seems to stir controversy. Microsoft’s writeup is here. Microsoft takes the position that overuse or misuse of the icons slows down the computer, especially at startup.

This morning (Windows 7 Professional), my wireless Notification Icon kept the red “x” for “not connected” when Internet access on my home Netgear router (Comcast) was clearly working. Clicking on the icon brought up the Control Panel information showing the router and Internet connections active. It also shows other available wireless connections (my Verizon MIFI card upstairs). It does not show cellular wireless networks (such as for my job) and should not. 

Sometimes when the laptop has been asleep, the wireless icon disappears for a while but eventually comes back, particularly once an http access works.

Any comments on why the Wireless Icon shows disconnect status incorrectly would be appreciated. 

Why would the wireless icon stay off when the connection works?

This is on a Dell XPS (2009) retrofitted with W7.  I’ve noticed anomalies on a Toshiba notebook with Windows 7 Starter. 

In the first picture, one can see the red "x" at the lower right. 
Update: on warm reboot, the icon fixed itself. 

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