Saturday, January 15, 2011

What employers want the most; Ambition

AOL has an original today, “The quality that all employers want.”  That, according to Jane Genova, is Macbeth’s quality, “Ambition: The Fire in the Belly Employers Want”, link here

The World Book Encyclopedia had characterized Macbeth’s fatal flaw as “too much ambition”  and my own father repeatedly made this kind of comment about some other males, “Pot belly, no ambition.”  He was given to moralizing.

As to Genova’s story, it could be taken to mean that employers want your ambition to be focused on their purposes.  That wouldn’t set too well with me, to have a production goal in “huckstering” (and back in the early 1970s Univac had complained that “I don’t have a marketing profile”).  Yup, some of them say “We give you the words.”

I guess Mark Zuckerberg probably represents an epitome of self-defined ambition. Look where it led. Could I be ambitious for his purposes if I were a Facebook employee?  I wonder.  My purposes, in retrospect, seem similar. 

Back in 1989 I asked a mainframe recruiter what employers wanted the most, and he said, "Confidence and enthusiasm".  Not exactly the same as ambition. 

I have to mention this Shakespeare quote from Othello somewhere, perhaps to please Entrepreneur Michael Fertik. “…Reputation. Oh, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial.” Employers already think they know your reputation after one Internet search.  

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