Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mainframe: Vantage rules the world, still (at least in life insurance)

I still get calls from recruiters about some mainframe, especially Vantage (the main life insurance legacy policy administration system, which routed VLN, CFO, etc in the 1980s). But it seems that the old in-house shops keep whittling down to almost nothing, with workplaces becoming tombs of consolidation, while new systems are bought from and tailored by vendors like Vantage, which seems to rule the mainframe world.

And for other projects, say like data warehousing or clientization, big banks and financial companies like to hire contract programmers through agencies at flat rates without renewal.

“Your profession” has to be something you believe in. But the old-style mainframe in-house programming job seems to have gone the way of horse and buggy.

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