Monday, January 10, 2011

Best Buy/Geek Squad plays Chuck's "Nerd Herd" with XPS Vista to Windows 7 conversion (for me, at least)

So I converted my Dell XPS from Vista to Windows 7 – that is, I “let” Best Buy/Geek Squad do it, while I was away for a week on business. Well, they didn’t fix the broken key – it was supposed to be sent to Louisville, KY to a repair center and come back (I think Louisville is where “Reputation Defender” is located, ironically).  They did back up on a second hard drive, but all the applications are gone. They have to be reinstalled since the operating system changed. So, yes, since I am soon going to try to sell a movie, I’m probably supposed to pay for Office Professional or Business instead of Home, and so I did. With Access DB added, Office Professional is about $500 from Digital River.  Takes about 35 minutes to download from Cable. Enough time for a break to watch NBC’s “Chuck” (I already miss “The Event”).  But this time the Geek Squad wasn’t exactly Chuck’s Nerd Herd (remember "Best Buy = Buy More"; only the trademark is changed to protect the innocent).  As for reading emails telepathically (as in Chuck), that’s the next coming hack.  With telepathy, you could install Facebook on a planet in another solar system.

In alll honesty, maybe the XPS is an order of magnitude faster because GS reformatted the hard drive, too. Last time I went through something like this was with CompUSA in Minneapolis, where I replaced Windows ME (remember that horror?) with XP Pro, on a Sony Vaio, without disturbing the data.  
Picture: Bank of America stadium (that is, NationsBank Stadium -- chase the buyouts back to Maryland National and Americam Security!) in Charlotte.

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