Thursday, December 30, 2010

Windows 7 automatic updates on a new computer stalls in "configuring updates" on Restart -- is Windows Live the problem?

I bought a Toshiba Notebook yesterday for incidental road use, my first taste of Windows 7 starter, not so different from Vista. The bootup was slow at first, but, OK, notebooks are slower.

But what I didn’t like was finding that Microsoft wanted to load 61 updates. The update installs stalled on Windows Live (update #36) for about 30 minutes, and resumed when I played with the cursor, and went into Live to finishing the install, then finishing the other “regular” installs. I don't actually use Windows Live for chat.

The restart got through the reconfiguration on shutdown (just as on Vista), but got stuck at 32% on the boot up. I had to go into Safe Mode to back it out, and then saw that all updates to the operating system itself were marked “failed” (the others, like to Office, had succeeded anyway). It took it back to Best Buy to reupdate. During the restart the second time, it picked up at the 32% immediately and finished relatively quickly. Weird.

Windows 7 does have an extra step in shutting down, which lets you opt out of installing updates. I don't know if it interrupts you and forces you to update the way Vista does.

I also keep getting a failed update to Windows Live on my Vista machine because I already have “another flavor” of Live. What is going on?

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