Sunday, December 12, 2010

The best home based businesses are all "lab practicals"

“Start Up Nation” (link) has a moving slide show on “Money Central”, “The 10 Best Home Based Businesses”, link here.

You may have to slow down the pace to have time to read the captions.

Most of them are very niche oriented, about very specific kinds of needs and events, like weddings.

In a sense, multi-level marketing, which has been around for decades, is effectively a home-based business, and sometimes so is acting as an insurance agent. You have to decide if you want to represent someone else’s brand.

I think another idea could be to help artists or musicians find more venues to perform, such as “private home” concerts (see my “drama blog” yesterday), or even assisted living centers and nursing homes.

But they all are “practical”. They meet monetizable needs. So does Donald Trump’s “selling lemonade”.

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