Saturday, November 13, 2010

Your "dream" job: Try it out (Bloggers welcome)

Here’s an interesting Career Builder post from MSN about “try it out” jobs. The most interesting one is bloggers. Those with proven audiences (page requests and acceptable bounce rates, and maybe enought Twitter followers or Facebook friends) might get invitations to commercial premieres (like movies or plays), or even political hearings or trials.   Remember the Englishman that won the job to blog about a dream vacation in the South Pacific?  (You had to be able to snorkel among Great White sharks and avoid the box jellyfish.) The link is here.

Others included video game tester, ice cream (or sherbet) tester, and especially “Critics”.

My movie and book reviews are usually not “criticisms” in the usual sense (how many “stars” and I wouldn’t encroach on Roger Ebert’s trademarked “thumbs up”), but statements as to the significance of the film or book with respect to issues (that’s my branding).

Picture: A friend played matchmaker at a bar; the relationship is fictitious.

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