Thursday, November 11, 2010

Are workplace non-compete agreements (CNC's) for real?

Do non-compete agreements (that is, CNC’s, or “covenants not to compete”) work?

I found a pretty comprehensive article at Nolo, here which warns that they may not been enforceable in Silicone-Valley rich California (look here at Lawzilla ), or perhaps (according to Wikipedia) in Virginia.

A story by April Hunt in the Atlanta Constitution on Nov. 4 reports that a Georgia constitutional amendment will allow courts to modify CNC’s, and claims this will help bring jobs to Georgia, link here.
Maduff Law has a similar resource here

The O’Toole Group, in a posting dated Nov. 10, 2010, offers a white paper on non-compete agreements in health information technology, at this link.

MEL, or “My Employment Laywer”, has a FAQ page on CNC’s here.

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