Friday, November 19, 2010

ABC reports on BlogWorld Expo, ideas for Internet entrepreneurs

At Blog World New Media Expo 2010 in Las Vegas workplace editor Tory Johnson appeared and gave some more tips on entrepreneurial blogging, link here.

The News story is “Clicks to Cash: Make Good Money as a Blogger on Your Own Website: Successful Bloggers Share Secrets of Success”, link (website url) here.

Jordan Cooper developed a career writing ebooks , launching from “Not a Pro” (link ) and Football Management Tactics (actually soccer) (website url) here .

Bailey Vincent Clark developed Makeover Momma (link)  Another success was “Shop open sky” (link).

Tory’s advice: Write about a topic you are passionate about, because you will have to go a while before making any money.  Another piece of advice was to carry some gadgetry to enable credit card sales while "on the road", but this could run into legal requirements regarding customer privacy that are likely to get stricter with time.

One can coordinate this story with the 2008 book “Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Your Reputation Online” by Andy Beal and Dr. Judy Strauss, soon to be reviewed in own Books blog.

The grandest success story with blogging of all time is probably Heather Armstrong's mommy blog "Dooce", which she started in 2002 after being fired from her job as a Utah software company for blogging about work (without naming the company or people).  A really interesting tale. "Dooce" has become a real verb.

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