Monday, October 18, 2010

Washington Post analyzes increased IT demand in specific areas

The Washington Post, on Sunday Oct. 17, ran a “Technology Career Advice” article “Increased Demand for Tech Professionals: A glance at opportunities in the D.C. area”, link here.

It talks about IT certification, which you can receive in from 1 to 15 weeks (not years). It tracked comparative demand for biomedical engineers, network and data communications analysts, applications computer software engineers (the largest area, probably incorporating mainframe), environmental engineers, and systems software engineers.

The printed Sunday paper had this article in an “advertising supplement” that at a distance looks like a USA Today paper.

But the job opportunities tend to be better for younger professionals, who received formal education in the most current skills or who got in on the ground level with something. Think about how Google and even Facebook got going.

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