Monday, October 04, 2010

Job scams get gullible takers arrested

Sunday, AOL published a story by Lisa Johnson Mandell, “How the FBI and Better Business Bureau are cracking down on job scammers”, link here.

In a few cases, people have taken “at home” jobs “laundering” merchandise that turns out to be stolen and gotten arrested. It’s not clear if they could defend themselves from charges as accomplices.

These may be clever variations of well known “Nigerian-type” scams that arrive by spam email.

I got a “job offer” by email to be a Craigslist Agent a few minutes ago on AOL. It would pay just $100 a week and requires a mobile phone ready to chat. I have no idea whether it’s any good or not. I’ll have to look around and see if Craigslist posts warnings to the public about this. It sounds a bit phishy.

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