Saturday, October 02, 2010

In a theaterm a recruiter calls, about obscure skills from the past

Well, while listening to Michelle Rhee talk in the movie “Waiting for ‘Superman’:, my cell phone (actually Blackberry), low on battery, vibrates, and when I get home, recharge it and check messages, I find out it’s from a recruiter who notes my resume talks about my “interim jobs”, but that she has a client in Nebraska (I think it's the state, unicameral legislature and all) that needs PowerBuilder.

Well, my PowerBuilder is nine years old, and it’s the kind of thing you need to focus on and do a lot. COBOL you don’t forget, but the newer stuff you have to do a lot and keep at it. “As time goes by” there’s less reason to actually do it.

I’m starting to wonder about that resume out there. It may have to become much more specific as to what I really “want”.

I remember back in 2002, that another "chum" wanted java but "got" Powerbuilder in Denver.

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