Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I accidentally witnessed a job interview, in a public place

Well, while sipping coffee and eating banana bread in a kitty corner in a Barnes and Noble coffee shop in northern Virginia this morning, I happen to overhear a job interview in progress at the next table.

I could not hear what the precise job was, but the interviewer was asking the applicant about willingness to work flexible hours, and somewhere I heard a question from the applicant about paid training. I was a little surprised to “witness” an interview in such a public place.

But one time I had an interview myself, on Sept. 11, 2002, in the lobby of a suburban office building (off 494 south of Minneapolis). It was rather public. I had even brought some programming textbooks (on DB2, particularly) to demonstrate my background.

Later I would get feedback that I had “tried too hard.” But it turned out the client’s hiring manager didn’t really have authorization to take on contractors, as we had been told. Had the interview worked out, my life’s course might have been different.

Picture: Back side of the Federal Reserve, Washington DC, with a baseball sculpture.  I did have an applications programming (COBOL, CICS) with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on July 10, 1981, my 38th birthday, an inteview that would accidentally lead to a new job at Chilton Corproation (now Experian) a few months later after the organizations traded resumes.  It does happen.


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