Thursday, September 02, 2010

MiFi device with unlimited bandwidth could help with "business travel and personal access" problem.

David Pogue has an important technology report in today’s (Sept. 2) New York Times, “Your own hot spot, and cheap”, link here

This concerns the Virgin Mobile MiFi card, which taps into Sprint’s 3G cell network for an Internet signal, costs about $150, and offers medium speed service, unlimited bandwidth, for $40 a month, no contract, or $10 for a ten day period. Verizon and Sprint offer similar devices, but not unlimited plans at the moment.

The coverage area over the country is about 260 million people, perhaps a little smaller than full Verizon service. One big advantage is that the customer doesn’t have to watch consumption volumes. 5 Gig is not a lot.

Verizon, by comparison, offers 5 Gig through its Blackberry or cell phone, which must be attached through USB to the computer, so that the cell phone acts as an antenna for Verizon’s service.

The computer must, of course, have a wireless card.

Here is Virgin’s own “Broadband2Go” link

Apparently the device can be purchased at retail outlets, such as BestBuy, with this link .

The device would seem to be particularly useful to people who travel for work but want to have their own reliable personal and securable quasi-broadband access "on the road."

It would be interesting to ponder who this innovation plays into the network neutrality debate (another blog of mine).

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