Monday, August 30, 2010

Should resumes give exact dates and complete work and educational histories, and down periods?

Tory Johnson did another interesting report this morning (Aug. 30) on ABC Good Morning America, on the five resume mistakes to avoid.

One is using an unprofessional-sounding email address, or using your current employer’s email server domain name.

I buy her advice on keeping dates of employment down to the year if you have been out of work for a while. But I question whether you can leave off dates of degrees, or should leave off older jobs.

In 2007 or so, a recruiter (in the mainframe area) told me that clients want to see a complete reverse chronological history, with all time periods filled in. She (from Baltimore) told me then that employers and clients appreciate honesty and candor.

It was on Aug. 30, 1972 (I believe a Wednesday) that I took a shuttle from DCA to Newark, rented a car, and interviewed Univac in Montclair NJ, for a job I would take and that would take me from “home” again on a long sequence of my life. That was 38 years ago today.  The interview expenses were company-paid.

I recall an earlier interview in maybe June 1972 at Bell Labs that year, at a Univac contract around Morristown NJ, where a Univac project leader asked “Do you like programming.” An odd question.

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