Sunday, August 08, 2010

How to get stats out of Wordpress blogs mapped to sites

I do plan to restructure much of my web materials soon by consolidating into fewer blogs and mapping into new domains. How do I get the statistics from Wordpress if I use it?
Let me start this discussion by saying that the way many ISP’s install Urchin, some directories get reported only by directory, such as /photo on (I can see counts of individual .mpg files, not of individual .jpg files; embedding doesn't explain all of this).

I have a small Wordpress blog on an experimental site ( and I’ve noticed that the Urchin stats from my ISP show only the requests for the entire blog, not for individual posts.

I do see that if I go into the log, I can see the individual posts, as in the access to post #39 with a search word of “census”. So theoretically one could write a program to access, parse and summarize the counts of the accesses to individual posts by search engine.

However, bloggers know that Google Analytics can show the accesses and stats on individual posts when visitors access them individually, usually through search engines on specific word lists. (“Next blog” probably brings up the whole blog in most cases.)

How to do this with a Wordpress blog mapped by A-records to an owned domain name? There are plenty of writesups on how to install Analytics. The best writeup seems to be on “Word Press Beginner” , and it says there are three ways: (1) Direct Paste; (2) Functions.php; (3) Third party plugins. The link for the writeup is here.

Joost de Valk has a robust example of a typical Analytics plugin here.

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