Tuesday, August 03, 2010

25 top hiring companies: People skills predominate; Tory Johnson on interview tips

I thought I would pass along MSN and Career Builder’s list of 25 companies that are hiring, compiled by Anthong Balderrama. Here is the link

A lot of the jobs are related to customer service and marketing, and many to health care and personal interaction. The information technology aspect still seems more specialized and dependent on specific experience.

On ABC Good Morning America this morning (Aug 3), Tory Johnson talked about interview questions. One favorite question is “what are you goals for the next five years” down to “what do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days”.

For sales jobs, nitpicky details on appearance matters, such as having shined shoes.

Don’t seem overprepared. That’s a two way street. An interview with RCA in late 1969 involved giving a technical talk. And feedback from a Sept. 11, 2002 interview in 2002 in Minnesota from the recruiter was that I had “tried too hard.”

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