Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tory Johnson on ABC covers employers checking credit reports of applicants

Tory Johnson, on ABC Good Morning America, provided a discussion on July 6 about employers checking credit reports of job applicants.

Further some employers have baldly said they will not consider people not already working,

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Johnson said that candidates who believe they have credit problems, particularly because of the current unemployment and economic crisis, can “butter up” or reinforce to the interviewer that the employer considers them a good fit and can prepare them for the possibility of adverse information on the credit report.

Back in 1987, Chilton Credit Reporting in Dallas (where I was working) decided that all current employees have acceptable credit, although TRW dropped that requirement when it acquired Chilton (now the company is Experian).

The television interview did not consider an even more abstruse problem, employers checking applicant’s “online reputation” (as with Facebook profiles) before making employment decisions.

Joe Davison has a column on p B3 "The Federal Worker: Haunted by their checkered financial histories", July 8, 2010, link here  about firings of employees in DFAS, the Defense Finance  and Accounting Service for bad credit.  "Outside activities" could also lead to firings .

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